Kitken.HK訂購須知:索取樣板-送貨方式-質量保証-上傳方式 -創富電子商務

上傳檔案 Upload

如需傳送多個檔案 To send multiple files
請先把所有檔案壓縮成一個檔案,並把檔案名稱改為客戶之聯絡電話號碼。Please put all the files compressed into a file and the file name to the customer contact telephone number.

如檔案少於10MB(方法一)If the file is less than 10MB (Method 1)
建議直接連接同落單表格電郵給我們,於標題上請列名訂購之產品名稱,內容上則列明聯絡人姓名及電話號碼。Recommended to place orders directly connected to the same form e-mail to us at the title, requested the listing order of the product name, contents of the specified contact person name and telephone number.

如檔案大於10MB(方法二)Such as file larger than 10MB (Method 2)
請使用我們所提供之FTP服務Please use our ftp services