Kitken.HK訂購須知:索取樣板-送貨方式-質量保証-上傳方式 -創富電子商務

Request Sample, pricing and ordering details

客戶如欲索取本公司的產品設計樣辦,需支付樣品費,下訂單則可退還樣品費;當我們收到閣下的要求後,將儘快可能寄送設計樣板予閣下參考。Customers may obtain a copy of the company's product design templates, samples required to pay fees, orders may be returned to the sample fee; When we receive your request, I will do everything possible to send a prototype for your reference.

客戶可透過電郵、電話或傳真查詢您需要的產品報價,請確認您準備採購產品的編號、材質、製作要求、規格和數量以及提貨地點。客戶請將電腦設計檔案附於電郵內及清楚列明以下資料: Customers can order directly by sending e-mail to us with the computer files attached to the e-mail and ordering details as listed below:

收到客戶的訂貨資料 後,將會於四小時內 (辦工時間) 有專人致電閣下覆核訂單之詳情,待雙方確認訂單後,我們將馬上安排生產及送貨事宜。 After receiving your e-mail order, we will contact you to confirm the details of the order. Once the order is confirmed, we will immediately arrange for processing and delivery.